The Driver has necessarily to be a Lady. Navigator and passengers can be otherwise. Feel free to bring your family for this adventure.

The rally will be conducted in the TSD format. This is a 3 point TSD rally.

Hatchback cars for the rally, are subject to availability and first come first served basis are, Cars are – 1) Toyota Vitz 2) Suzuki wagon R Hybrid 3) Perodua Axia 4) Hyundai 110 grand 5) Toyota Pixis. Once these cars are consumed, the next lot of higher category, will be at a higher rate.

1. Do I need an International Driving License?

You would need an international license. Alternatively there is a temporary permit which can be taken and we shall help you for the same.

2. Will the vehicles be manual or automatic?

Vehicles are currently manual as per of this package. If anyone wishes to use automatic, a special request can raised and subject to availability it can be arranged. The supplementary charges may be applicable and this may vary depending upon the vehicle model.

3. Will ample parking space be provided at the stays and tourist attractions?

Yes. This shall be well planned and the local support team will take care of the same.

4. Do the vehicles have GPS navigation systems?

Some of the vehicles do have the navigation system. However we recommend to use the mobile phone navigation to be used.

5. The vehicles have USB and AUX outlets?


6. Do the vehicles have spare tyres?


7. Is there a medical kit in the vehicle?

Medical kit might not be available in each vehicle. However pilot vehicle and Trail vehicle will have the same.

8. Will the insurance be provided?

Vehicles will be insured as part of the general motor insurance. It will also have additional insurance required for the vehicles used under self drive rental schemes.

9. What if there is a damage to the vehicle.

This shall be handled depending upon the nature / extend of the damage. We will arrange alternate vehicle subject to availability. The model need not necessarily be the same.

10. If there is damage to the vehicles, do I have to pay the compensation ?

If there is damage to the vehicle caused by any incident/ accident during the self drive by the user the user shall be charged up to LKR 12500  (approximately INR 6000 or 75 USD) Any damage beyond this shall be paid by the Insurance company. Estimate of the damage shall be at the sole discretion of the rental company and subsequently by insurance company. You are protected by the damage waiver insurance which ensures that liability is limited up to LKR 12500 ( approximately INR 6000 or USD 75)  irrespective of the nature of damage. The insurance shall not be applicable if the driver is under the influence of alcohol at the time of driving. This protection is not be applicable in case of rash and negligent driving resulting in serious damage to life or property of others or  in case of any serious violation of the local rules of Sri Lanka.

11. Is the fuel cost included in the package?

Yes. It is included. KM usage and fuel is included as per the route map. If the vehicle is used beyond the planned route / KM usage, additional charges shall be applicable.

12. Do I have to pay additional deposit while renting the car?

Yes. The additional refundable deposit of USD 150 ( equivalent INR or LKR) shall be paid at the time of collecting the vehicle and the same shall be refunded back at the time return of the vehicle.

13. Are entry permits required when driving from one place to another?

There may be and if so the same shall be arranged by the organizers.

14. Are there any tolls involved? If so, is there a fast tag card available?

Tolls may be there depending upon the route that we take. Fastag card is not available.

15. Are children allowed? If so, will car seats be provided if needed?

Children are allowed. Car seats can be provided subject to availability.

16. Will mechanical and roadside assistance be easily available?

Yes. Mechanic with basic tool kit will be travelling along with convoy.

17. Is night driving safe?

Night driving is generally safe. However this particular convoy will be predominantly day time driving only.

18. What are the charges for Kids?

Below 2 years, No charge
5 to 11 years- 50 percent of the Charge
12 years completed,  full charges
(Age will be as per passport, on the day of travel and the duration of the travel)

19. What if I can not attend after paying?

There is a no refund policy. However in extreme cases the participation fee can be transferred to another person, organised by you.


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